Video: Nanny caught on camera beating special needs child as mother watched live on her phone

(KRON photo)

LOS ANGELES (KRON) — A Los Angeles nurse was caught on video hitting a child, as a horrified mother watched it unfold live on her phone.

The 2-year-old with special needs was left in the nurse’s care. And it was all caught in a disturbing video.

The boy’s parents were just 20 minutes away.

His mother, Dyana Ko, decided to check on her son through her phone’s nanny cam app. She kept getting alerts saying there was a lot of movement in the living room.

The next thing she saw changed her life forever. The nurse that was supposed to be taking care of her son was beating him, and at one point, rolling up a magazine and hitting him with it.

What makes it worse is the boy suffers from a rare disorder where he requires 24-hour care, eats through a feeding tube, and can’t talk.

“The worst case I’ve ever seen of somebody taking advantage where you have a vulnerable party and a powerful party,” attorney Scott Dinsmore said.

“I just feel like as his parents, we failed him because we left someone to take care of him, and instead, we left him at home where he thought…,” Ko said.

Officers arrested the nurse Thelma Manalastas.

Manalastas was employed by Maxim Healthcare Services, a nationwide company that provides home health care.

Maxim fired Manalastas and also notified the California Board of Nursing.

The family has filed a lawsuit against the company and the nurse.

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