How to maximize your time during your morning routine

Let’s face it – morning routines can be anything but routine, especially if you throw some kids or pets into the mix! But there are some quick fixes that you can make to save you precious minutes each morning.

Internationally renowned organizing and time management expert Julie Morgenstern shares her tried and true ways to add minutes back to your day, and help you stay productive this summer. Her tips include:

  • Start getting ready for your day the night before with a good bedtime ritual – change your view of sleep, pack up your bag for work, make kids’ lunches and set the coffee maker so you can wake up to the aroma of coffee.
  • Avoid email first thing in the morning – and instead connect to the people (or pets!) you live with, savor breakfast, drinking coffee and read the newspaper. Give yourself this time to decompress and think before your day.
  • Try putting a clock in the bathroom. It’ll help you stay on schedule if you’re stuck in a place where you’d typically lose track of time.
  • Don’t schedule your morning down to the exact minute. Instead, build in time cushions – meaning if you have young children. So give yourself more than 30 minutes to get them and yourself ready for the day. Blocking an hour+ in the morning will surely account for the unpredictability that comes along with parenting.
  • Make the most of your mornings by making your coffee at home. When you choose Folgers® Perfect Measures®, there are no more spilled grounds, no more losing track of scoops and no more morning fuss when it comes to brewing the Folgers® coffee you know and love.


Julie Morgenstern is an internationally renowned organizing and time management expert, New York Times best-selling author, consultant and speaker. Her work spans the distance between individuals and work forces – homes and corporations. The “Inside Out” philosophy that is now synonymous with her name results in customized solutions that are innovative, practical and ensure long-term success. For over 25 years, Julie and her staff have transformed the way individuals and companies function around the globe, including American Express, Hearst, HARPO, Deloitte, Microsoft, FedEx, GlaxoSmithKline, the NBC-Newsroom, the NYC Mayor’s Office, Sony Music, State Farm Insurance and Viacom/MTV.

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