How to make refrigerator pickles

Since we are in the middle of tomato season, and everyone’s gardens are getting full of veggies, Ross Katz, owner of Rooster’s Kitchen, shows us how to make refrigerator pickles, so we can enjoy our crops even in the colder months!

Refrigerator Pickling Recipe


Water – 5 ½ cups

Kosher Salt (do not use table salt) – 3 Tbsp

Vinegar (cider or white wine) – ¾ cup

Black Peppercorns (Whole) – 1 tsp

Red Pepper Flakes – ¼ tsp

Garlic Cloves – 3 each

Bay Leaves – 2 ea

Yellow Mustard Seeds – ½ tsp

Vegetables to Pickle – Apx. 2 lbs


Sharp Knife and Cutting board

Large Pot (at least 3 qt)


Lots of Ice



Clean Ball Jars or other glass containers

Prep your veggies

  1. Wash dry all of the vegetables that you plan on pickling.
  2. Cut them into a manageable size that will fit into your jars

Prepare your brine

  1. In a large pot add your water, salt, vinegar and black peppercorns
  2. Over medium/high heat, bring the mixture to a boil.
    1. Reduce the heat to a simmer, and stir until all of the salt dissolves
  3. Fill your sink with Ice and water, and place the pot into the bath to cool.
    1. Make sure not to get any of the ice or water into your brine
    2. Stir frequently to speed up cooling

Pack your Jars

  1. Ensure all of your jars are clean, and their lids seal tightly.
  2. In the bottom of each jar, divide up your red pepper flakes, garlic cloves, bay leaves, and mustard seeds.
  3. Pack your jars with your vegetables. You will want to pack them tightly, so that they will not float, and that they hold the spices at the bottom of the jar.
  4. Place the jars on baking pan, or something to catch any spilled brine.
  5. Carefully ladle the brine into each jar.
    1. Fill the jars as full as you can to ensure that all of the vegetables are completely covered.
  6. Tighten the lids and place in the back of your refrigerator for at least 5 days.
    1. Kept cold and sealed, your pickles can last up to 6 months.

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