Summer yoga for kids/teens

Get focused, get centered and get rid of the stress! Meet Erin Smith, Sully, Harper and Sawyer, as we learn more about the kids’ yoga classes at Flourish Yoga + well-being and find out how your kiddo can benefit– mind, body and soul!

  • Karma Youth Yoga classes combine yoga and an easy crafting experience into a single 75-minute session. (Kids ages 5-12)
  • Three classes per week – Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Saturday morning; only $10 per class!
  • Karma Youth Yoga takes place during normally scheduled adult yoga classes in the other studio at Flourish so parents can do yoga, too.
  • The yoga postures are specifically geared toward young kids and are taught in a safe and fun setting using games and play.
  • Yoga is becoming more and more popular with kids of all ages. It can not only help them increase their strength, flexibility and balance, but also may improve focus, self-esteem, and sleep.
  • Karma Yoga is the term for practices that give back to one’s community or serve others in some way.
  • Children learn and practice Karma Yoga in these classes by doing a craft and then either giving it to somebody as a gift or selling it and donating the proceeds to a community cause of their choice.
  • Karma Youth Yoga also helps kids learn about their community and develop a sense of service to and compassion for others.

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