The Film Yap reviews Despicable Me 3 and more

Check out this week’s movie reviews with The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd:

Despicable Me 3

Kiddos will adore the animated romp, but for me the franchise has run out of steam. Villain-turned-goodie Gru (Steve Carell) meets his long-lost twin brother.”



Baby Driver

This stylish crime drama/comedy stars Ansel Elgort as a 1970s getaway driver under the thumb of an Atlanta crime lord (Kevin Spacey). With Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm.”



The Beguiled

Wounded Union soldier (Colin Farrell) crashes cloistered Virginia girl’s school during the Civil War and sexual tensions erupt. Starring Nicole Kidman. Sophia Coppola’s film is not a remake of the classic version with Clint Eastwood.”


The House

Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell play middle-aged marrieds who turn their home into a casino when money troubles hit. But they were too afraid to show their hand and screen the movie for critics. Snake eyes?”


Trainspotting 2

The Scottish addicts/petty criminals are back, now middle-aged schlumps in a sequel that’s entertaining but unnecessary. Stream It.”


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