Annessa’s Just One Thing: How to Stay on Track!

Check out today’s health tip with Registered Dietitian Annessa Chumbley. Annessa says:

Today’s health tip comes from a viewer – Lisa! Sometimes part of the frustration with losing weight is where our focus is: on how far we’ve got to go instead of how far we’ve come. If that’s you, switch your focus. Remembering how far you’ve come – whether its that first few pounds or up to 100 – offers a lot of momentum. So try this little trick: daily keep a reminder of how far you’ve come. Lisa does this by keeping a number of rubber bands around her glass of water, representing each pound or set of pounds she’s lost. This way, she’s not only tracking her progress, but she’s keeping herself on track. Isn’t that awesome? So every time you reach for your water, you remember how far you’ve come. It’s so powerful to track your progress, because what made you successful in the beginning, will be what continues to make you successful. Health is a series of impactful habits.

Just one thing this week: constantly keep in front of you how far you’ve come. Thank you to Lisa for the motivating tip, and if you have a health tip to share that’s helped you make progress, please send me a message on my Facebook page at Annessa Chumbley, RD, and I would love to feature it.

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