Monday Mailbag: Summer Skin Care

Take a peek inside today’s Monday Mailbag and help your skin, too!

Shower Spray,


Freshen up in the summer heat by adding Purequosa to your daily routine. Purequosa is a shower replacement ideal for anyone looking for a quick way to feel and look fresh! Simply spray Purequosa organic cleansing spray all over your body. This hydrating formula is suitable for sensitive skin and is free from any alcohol and chemicals. It’s pure!

Keep Purequosa in your purse, backpack, and car, so you can always feel fresh wherever you are.

Face mask,


Glowing confidence always starts with beautiful skin! A little bit of YLLO‘s face mask goes a long way. Each pack gives you a whoppin’ 20 treatments and is 100% natural, vegan, and gluten-free. After your first use, you’ll see teddy bear soft skin, a glowing complexion, as well as reduced redness and inflammation. With continued use, you’ll be fighting acne, fading scarring, preventing wrinkles, and lightening (and eventually stopping) facial hair growth.

Ingredients: Organic Turmeric, Chickpea Flour, Coconut Oil, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Lemon Oil

All-natural Soaps,

Relax and get calm, cool and collected after the stress of graduating with Green Goo‘s all natural soaps! Finally, you can sit back, relax, and treat your skin to these affordable, healthy products. Green Goo is a certified B company passionate about giving back. Some organizations Green Goo has teamed up with are World Vision, John Hopkins, Mandela Foundation, and many more. What better way to start your day than with a bar of soap that makes you leap out of bed in anticipation of things to come? Our 35 day Cold Process ensures a super creamy, extra gentle, and long lasting bar, that is guaranteed to brighten your spirits!