Hoosiers reflect on 4th of July while enjoying downtown celebration

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Many Hoosiers enjoyed the fireworks show downtown and have been out at the Indiana World War Memorial for hours.

The IPL Downtown Freedom Fest brought out many for the fireworks, food, games and celebration.

“To remember what people have sacrificed for people to have their freedom,” said Janette Metzler of Franklin.

Some came out early. Others traveled far to honor our forefathers. It’s a day to wear red, white and blue with a little extra pride.

It’s day for families to come together. It’s a day to tip our caps to our veterans.

“It’s really scary to think about all the men who put their lives on the line and passed and have gone through a lot and seen a lot of stuff, and we have to appreciate they’re doing that to us,” said Johnathan Chimbanda of Muncie, who is 13 and whose father served in the military.

And it’s a day to remember those lives sacrificed for the home of the brave.

“Big time, and their families,” said Ken McKinney, a Vietnam War veteran. “The ones that I knew that lost their lives in Vietnam.”

For some it’s a day of hope.

“The spirit of everyone is happy,” said Effie Brockelman, from outside Indianapolis.

It’s a day to make new friends and to celebrate being Americans.

“It’s just a time to get together and appreciate the people who have served for us and land altogether,” said Chimbanda.

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