Group raising money to increase safety on trails in Delphi

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DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) — It has been nearly five months since Libby German and Abby Williams were found murdered off a trail in Delphi.

The person responsible has yet to be identified and is still on the loose.

As authorities work that investigation, a special task force in town is working to increase safety on those trails.

The group is trying to raise $50,000 so they can be eligible for a matching grant from the state.

The money would cover the costs of things like cameras, lighting and trail makers. All of it in hopes of restoring that sense of security people once felt there.

“It is kind of nerve-wrecking. I don’t even like to walk out here too much,” said one Delphi resident.

The unsolved murders of the two girls still weighs heavy on the hearts and minds of many.

“We have to question who we walk by every time. If I’m walking by myself I’m a little paranoid,” said another trail user.

An effort to change that feeling is underway. If the task force is able to raise the $50,000 they will be eligible for a matching grant from the Indiana Housing Community Development Authority.

$100,000 would then go towards making those security upgrades and creating an endowment fund.

Lighting and cameras would then be installed at trail access points. WiFi, trail makers, and 911 overlay mapping are also included in the plan.

“We never saw this as a particular need, and maybe we were naive until something drastic like this happened, but it does seem logical now that we do something about it,” said Dan McCain, president of the Wabash and Erie Canal Association.

He’s hoping upgrades restore at least some sense of safety and comfort.

“The kind of security we are talking about would give most people a feeling of some confidence knowing more about those coming and going, especially at the entry points,” said McCain.

The task force is working with local businesses and community partners to raise money for this project. To learn more or if you want to donate click here.

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