Hendricks Co. firefighters participate in live training event

(WISH Photo/Shawn Pierce)

AVON, Ind. (WISH) — Several central Indiana firefighters received hands-on training Wednesday.

Firefighters from several different departments in Hendricks County put on their gear and conducted a live training event at a donated house.

Officials said that events like this are important because nothing can take the place of the valuable experience firefighters receive working with a real fire.

“A lot of times we’re able to use fake smoke, but rarely are we able to conduct a real fire with real conditions and go through the whole thing,” said John Schafer of the Washington Township/Avon Fire Department. “Because in the real deal, it’s all about right now. Right now, get it, get water on the fire because seconds matter, so this is very beneficial.”

The house for the event was donated by the county because a roundabout is being planned in that area.

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