Indiana State Police get 700 resqme devices

Indiana State Police will get 700 resqme tools. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana State Police are trying to save more lives on the roads with a new tool.

The resqme tool — think “rescue me” — weights less than an ounce, but packs a punch. State troopers will get their hands on 700 of the devices. There will be no cost thanks to the Indiana State Police Alliance and a former dive team member’s resolve.

“It’s just part of what I want to do to save lives and get people out of cars. Whether you’re in a car wreck, underwater, above water, doesn’t matter, or if your car is on fire. It gives law enforcement a chance,” said Robert May, a master trooper detective with the state police.

Anyone can buy one of the tools at Ace Hardware or at

If you’re ever involved in a water crash, officials say first you should take off your seatbelt, then roll down or punch out a window and escape to safety.

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