IMPD officers help stranded family

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Going above and beyond the call of duty, that’s what a couple of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers are being credited with this weekend.

Two officers helped an Ohio family stranded in Indianapolis get home safely.

The family was supposed to be getting a ride from Ohio to Kentucky, but a ride from an acquaintance didn’t go as planned. A mother, her sister and two kids were left in Indianapolis, more than 200 miles from home without money, food or transportation.

“The person that drove them decided he didn’t want to do it if they were not going to pay him, so he dumped them off and left them there,” said Sgt. Matthew Morgan.

Officers came in contact with the family during a welfare check at a motel.

“They were clearly distraught. The mom was crying, upset, trying to keep her emotions away from the kids, type of thing,” said Sgt. Morgan.

“Just to be down here in an atmosphere where you don’t know anyone can be scary,” said Officer Maurice Norris.

So these officers stepped in to help. Sgt. Morgan looked up the cost of bus tickets for the family and turned to his Facebook friends for help. He made a post that described the situation and wrote, “I can’t foot that bill myself, or I would do it.”

He left his PayPal address and 11 minutes was all it took for that $290 for bus tickets and then some to be donated.

“It was awesome. People I hadn’t talked to in a while and people I talk to all the time. It was really cool to see everyone jump in and help out with people they didn’t even know,” said Sgt. Morgan.

The extra money was also given to the mother so she could take the family for a nice dinner downtown.

“Just to see her face light up, that was just priceless,” said Officer Norris.

It’s something these officers didn’t have to do, but they say this is what policing is all about.

“This is one of the reasons I signed up to become a police officer,” said Officer Norris. “We just want people down here to know this is what we do. We protect and we serve.”

“I would hope somebody would do the same if my wife and kids were in the same predicament,” said Sgt. Morgan.

While it may have just been another day at work for these officers, it’s something the family and this mother likely won’t soon forget.

“She told me that she was happy and she thanks God for us… it meant everything to her,” said Officer Norris.

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