Charitable Smiles gives husband and wife new smile

(Provided Photo/Chariable Smiles Facebook page)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A group of dentists have come together to give back to those in the community who need a little extra help with their dental bills.

Recently, the organization known as Charitable Smiles awarded a husband and wife with the gift of a new smile.

Charitable Smiles began last August when founder Jake Skelton realized how many people are unable to afford dental care.

Skelton has a dream to help many people in need. “The goal is to scale it across the country and help thousands of more people. We’re not just going to stop at one,” Skelton said.

Melisa and William Warfield recently went home with a brand new smile.

“We decided to take care of them both and we got them a new smile. Top and bottom dentures and we did some extractions,” Skelton added.

For a long time the couple has had issues with their teeth.

“I really wanted them because I haven’t had them in so long, for eating,” said Melisa Warfield.

“Anytime I ate I had to be careful where I bit down or what I could even eat or try to eat because I was worried about my teeth just falling to pieces,” said William Warfield.

Skelton said the biggest issue they face is funding. They are in the process of applying for community grants but also need private donations.

Potential candidates have to go through and interview and vetting process to see if they qualify for the charity and are actually in need.

For more information about the charity, click here.

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