Residents cleaning up damage from EF-0 tornado in Carroll County

(WISH Photo)

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — An EF-0 tornado hit Carroll County near the small community of Deer Creek Monday night. Winds were estimated at 75 miles per hour.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office said the northeastern portion of the county got hit the hardest. Residents were stuck at home, but not everyone complained.

The Griffis kids don’t seem to mind that their yard doubles as a swimming pool. They spent the day splish-splashing in the nearly two feet of standing water on the lawn. But Monday night, the storms were no laughing matter. The family captured cell phone video of the tornado before it swept through Deer Creek.

“It was forming above us. I mean, the cornstalks were laying down and we could hear it. Hail was hitting our face,” said Michael Griffis.

The Griffis family was actually on the road not far from home. Their car broke down as the tornado was making it’s way toward them.

“I couldn’t get it started. We all took off running to the nearest house,” said Griffis.

They got a ride home just before a portion of their road, State Road 29, collapsed. Crews spent the day trying to repair the road.

“Water went around the culvert and washed out part of the roadway,” said Major Michael Thomas of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. He added that crews were doing what they could to fix the problem.

As 24-Hour News 8 drove around the area, many roads were closed due to flooding.

“It’s been quite a problem. Talking to drivers that are having trouble getting anywhere. Any direction they go, they’re running into roads closed due to high water,” said Major Thomas.

So, the Griffis didn’t venture far from home, finding it tough to see the rainbow at the end of this storm.

“Besides the kids having fun in the water, not really,” joked Griffis.

Officials want to warn people to turn around if there is high water on a road. They pulled one vehicle out of the water. There were no reported injuries.

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