Caretaker who planned murder-suicide sentenced to 25 years

Photo of Angela York.

SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) — A woman has learned her fate Wednesday after purposely causing a vehicle crash last year. Prosecutors say the woman tried to kill herself, another woman and a dog.

Angela York will spend two and a half decades behind bars for the crash that happened on June 22, 2016.

Prosecutors say York admitted to loading a severely disabled women whom she was a state-paid caretaker for and a dog into her van that day. She then sped down the interstate, intentionally went off the road and tried to ramp over County Road 400 North, hoping to roll the vehicle down a hill.

York told investigators her goal was to break both her neck and that of her patient, killing them. She also wanted to kill the dog to reunite it with it’s owner who had died from cancer about six weeks before.  The Shelby County prosecutor said the woman York cared for, who was already severely disabled, did survive the crash but sustained injuries that will impact her the rest of her life. The dog was also hurt.

A family member of the victim told police York left a note before the crash telling him not to worry about funeral arrangements since they were already done and that he and another family member could split the $150,000 insurance policy. The person also told police York called him after the crash saying she wasn’t sure how they both didn’t die. She said she had done research prior to the crash to make sure they would break their necks.

Prosecutor’s say York was also seen on dash cam video inside a police vehicle saying “why didn’t it work?”

York is charged with attempted murder, neglect of a dependent and attempted killing of a domestic animal. She has entered a blind plea for those charges. A blind plea is the same as a guilty plea, but without a set sentence.

York will serve 3/4 of her sentence before she will be legible for parole.

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