Local contractors flooded with calls after heavy rain

HAMILTON COUNTY (WISH) – Many people throughout central Indiana are still trying to clean up from storms that passed through this week.

Local contractors say they’ve been working overtime just to keep up with all the calls and requests. They said they are getting a lot of calls about flooded homes and flooded basements, describing the work this week as non-stop.

“We go through these periods when we get the storms coming in like this, where in fact I’ve been working 16-hour days for the last four days,” said Brayton Ailes, a water technician at Total Restoration.

Ailes and other crews have seen everything from water multiple inches deep to soaked flooring.

He said the most common cause of flooding in homes is failed sump pumps.

“With those heavy rains we got, there is just only so much those pumps can do to keep up with that water,” said Ailes.

He recommends checking your sump pump often and replacing it about every 10 years.

“It causes a bigger headache in the long run if you don’t take care of it,” said Ailes.

Although time consuming, Ailes and crews at Total Restoration say the long hours after storms like this can be rewarding.

“It feels good at the end of the day when you can leave and people are happy that you can help put their baby back together. Their home. That is something that they’ve put money into and have lived here,” said Ailes.