Family of boy found dead in pond expresses gratitude

Many people from neighbors to teachers came together July 13, 2017, for a Community Celebration of Life at the Well Community Center in Brownsburg. (WISH Photo)

BROWNSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — Family and friends held funeral services Thursday for Shalom Lawson.

The 8-year-old boy with autism was found dead in a retention pond in Brownsburg.

Lawson was visiting from Louisville, Kentucky, with his parents when police said he wandered off from a relative’s home last week.

Shalom Lawson. (Provided Photo)

His parents felt so much love and support from so many people in the community after the tragedy; friends said his parents felt it was fit to bury their son in Brownsburg.

Many people from neighbors to teachers came together for a Community Celebration of Life at the Well Community Center in Brownsburg.

“It is a very moving thing to see how the community can come together,” said one pastor, who attended the community celebration of life. “Life has interesting turns and twists but somehow our paths have crossed.”

Shalom’s parents were surrounded by comfort after the death of their son.

“I want to tell you Charles and Magdalene and Raphael and all the family have been inspired by your love your graciousness and your faith and how our hearts are broken with yours,” said Liza Taylor, a Brownsburg resident.

The death of Shalom touched many people across the country and has sparked a lot of conversations about a tracking device using a frequency that could help families of children with autism.

“Shalom’s mother, Magdalene, said it will help heal my heart to help other children,” said Taylor.

Shalom’s parents are now hoping to raise awareness in their hometown of Louisville after learning about Project Lifesaver in Hendricks County.

“We’ve already contacted some resources in the Kentucky area that would like to see this come to fruition,” said Dan Smith, who is the chief at Washington Township Avon Fire Department.

Shalom’s parents made it clear they want to do everything they can do prevent this tragedy from happening to another family. His dad said he couldn’t thank the community enough for their support during this difficult time.

“Each and every one who participated from the searching to the bad news to the sending home,” said Charles Lawson. “The Lawsons and the entire family say thank you to everybody, thank you so much we cannot thank the blessing that you brought to us.”

Project Lifesaver Hendricks County is now collecting donations to help the Louisville program.

Click here if you would like to make a donations in Shalom’s name.

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