Drink-in held at Ricker’s ahead of liquor law study

SHERIDAN, Ind. (WISH) — A local group is hoping to send a message to lawmakers by holding a drink-in at a Ricker’s gas station in Sheridan.

Organized by the state’s Libertarian Party, it’s the second drink-in the party has held at a Ricker’s gas station.

The stores caused an issue during the final weeks of the 2017 legislative session.

Ricker’s found a loophole and obtained a license to sell cold beer carryout: selling made to order food.

Lawmakers changed the loophole, and Ricker’s will lose its license next year.

The drink-in comes as an Alcohol Review Committee gets ready to look over the state’s liquor laws, including Sunday and cold beer sales.

“I’m very hopeful that they are going to come back with some real reforms. I’m skeptical, but I hope that the General Assembly will actually listen to those,” said Tim Maguire, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Indiana.

It’s not yet clear when the committee will begin to meet.

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