Doctors warn of sun damage while driving

Doctors warning of sun damage while driving. (WISH photo)

INDIANAPOLIS In. (WISH) – Too much sun can lead to problems. Now, doctors are warning people to protect themselves against sun damage while driving in their cars.

Studies showed significant skin damage on the left side of the body compared to the right side, especially with people who drive a lot. Dermatologists are now saying we need to protect ourselves.

It can be confusing because you think you’re in your car and the air conditioning is going your protected from those harmful UV rays but truth is you’re not.

Melanie Kingsley a Dermatologist for I.U. Health says we need to pay attention to sun exposure in our cars.

“In many of our patients we noticed the left side has aged significantly more than the right side,” said Kingsley. “I think about all the tenure in the car, all those minutes, hours and days of sun exposure versus when you go out to the pool for a few hours. This is daily additive sun damage.”

Doctors suggest one of three things. Either keep sun screen in your car wear it, wear long sleeves shirts when you drive or you can install something like tint for your windows which cuts out about 99% of UV rays.

“It not only causes more aging or brown spots and more wrinkles, it leads to skin cancer,” said Kingsley. “Starting as little scaly pre-cancers then eventually it will get to skin cancer. So, it’s something you can prevent on a day-to-day basis.”

Something else people don’t think of is the sunroof. A lot of UV ray damage can come from above.

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