Using liquid nitrogen to make ice cream

Woah! We bet you’ve never had ice cream like this! At Sub Zero Ice Cream, every order is frozen in about two minutes in front of the guest, using minus 321 degree liquid nitrogen. Eric Washington, Castleton Mall Store Owner, Sub Zero Ice Cream, shows us how it’s made!

About Sub Zero Ice Cream:

  • Our product is flexible and can be suited to fit any dietary sensitivity. We offer a variety of bases including original, premium custard, low-fat and yogurt, as well as lactose free, vegan and sugar-free options.
  • Eric is lactose-free, which is another reason he found Sub Zero so awesome
  • Guests love coming in to get ice cream – everything from choosing flavors and mix-ins to seeing the vapor clouds roll off the counter makes Sub Zero the most fun ice cream experience you’ve had.
  • Sub Zero recently opened in Castleton Square Mall at 6020 E. 82nd in the main entrance hall next to Claire’s and across from Build-A-Bear Workshop.
  • We are Indiana’s second Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream store.

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