How to save on school supplies

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INDIANAPOLIS/GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing advertisements for back-to-school. It’s a big money-maker for stores, but  spending experts have tips on how you can save.

“Lots of expenses add up quickly that you don’t necessarily remember from year-to-year,” Cherie Lowe, speaker and author, said.

Lowe is a blogger and author known as the Queen of Free. She said before you head to the store, your shopping should really start at home.

“Before you even hit the aisles by taking things out of the cabinets, taking things out of the desk drawers, looking through the backpack from the last day of school from last year and begin seeing what you already have that you don’t need to buy,” Lowe said.

Lowe said waiting is one big way to save, especially with more expensive items like backpacks and lunch boxes. Use last year’s even if it’s rough and wait for the store’s stock to go on clearance in the fall to buy a new one. Also, limit the back-to-school clothing shopping.

“If you really want to start out with one new outfit for the school year, that’s a great thing,” Lowe said. “But beyond that, it’s so hot still. It’s still summer time when we begin school here in Indiana, so you can still begin by wearing the things that you’ve worn over the summer as long as they’re dress code appropriate.”

Here’s a couple other tips, the Queen of Free says to keep your eye out of what she calls ‘loss leaders,’ deals that the store actually loses money on and try to pick them up when you’re doing your regular shopping.  Also, keep your receipts from this year, so you can make sure to budget for the supplies you need next year properly.

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