By a hair: Colts offensive line setting a trend

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — You hear it all the time in football: games are won in the trenches. That holds true for the Colts offensive line.

“It’s kind of do or die right now for us; we know we’re a big part of this football team’s success. So we have to play at a high level for us to be a quality team,” said Jack Mewhort.

Offensive linemen are typically known for their size and ability to protect the quarterback. One thing you may notice about the 2017 Colts o-line: they have a great head on their shoulders.

“It’s here to stay. I’m pretty attached to it now,” said Anthony Castonzo of his hair.

And it’s attached to him. When you watch practice, you can’t help but notice the flow coming out of the helmets.

“When I was in college, the whole o-line grew out their hair. When I got here, and (Castonzo) has his long hair,” said Joe Haeg. “So yeah, it’s kind of something that stuck. It’s hard to commit to something for so long and then cut it. I guess it’s a fashion statement, I don’t know.”

“I was looking around the room today and thought, ‘we’ve got a lot of long haired guys on o-line.’ We haven’t really talked about it, we all have our own individual reasons. But for some reason the group has a lot of long hair,” said Castonzo.

But the long hair trend hasn’t peaked everyone’s interest in the group.

“It’s kind of weird. I don’t exactly understand it. It seems like it might be kind of hot out here in the summer heat. The guys like it, they really like the way they look,” said Mewhort.

This year’s o-line already looks like they’ve improved from last season. Maybe it’s the hair!

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