Family-friendly Ice Cream Social in Irvington

Ice cream, ice cream, who wants ice cream?! Check out how you can be a part of the Ice Cream Social in Irvington this Sunday!

Ice Cream Social

Sunday, Bona Thompson Memorial Center, 12-4 p.m.

  • Irvington Historical Society
    • Address: 5350 University Avenue
    • Hours: Wed (1-3) and Saturday/ Sunday (1-4)  or by apt.
    • Web site:  ( includes calendar of events)
    • Facebook: (without #’s you will pull up New York)
    • Founded 1964 mission is to preserve Irvington’s history and utilize that history in the present.
    • Bona Thompson. Home to IHS and its archive.  Served as the library for Butler University from 1904 -1928. Currently, used for exhibits, lectures and musical entertainment.
      • Obtained and renovated by IHS in 1999.
    • Run totally by volunteers.
  • Ice Cream Social, Sunday Aug 6th. Noon to 4.
    • Over 50 years.
    • Irvington block party where we close a section of Downey Avenue and take over the street.
    • Goal: Have fun, build community, enjoy the last of summer, and support the Irv. Historical Society
  • Entertainment – free
    • White River Jazz Band
    • Museum is open.
    • Shopping
    • Sidewalk artist (replica of Andrea’s box)

  • Entertainment -fundraiser
    • Food from our community members: Sundae’s, Simply Divine, Rock Cola Cafe
    • Vintage market from Eclective
    • Carnival game
  • Current Exhibits open until Oct 1.
    • Surpassing Adversity: The Japanese American Journeycelebrates the resilience of the Japanese Americans sent to internment camps throughout the West during World War II.  Additional associated events: lectures, movies and a wood carving class (Aug 26).
    • Family Trees: Discovery your Historyprovides tips on how to begin or expand your own family tree. Plus, learn about some of the Irvington connections for other area families.  Additional associated events: presentation on how to identify and care for your photos and an opportunity to digitize photos (Aug 20).  Will be opportunity to learn about on-line services.
    • Pan Am Games, 30thAnniversarycelebrates the local volunteers who made the Pan Am Games a turning point in Indianapolis history.  Additional events are in the planning stage…possibly a reunion of volunteers/ performers.
    • Items from each exhibit:
      • Surpassing. Carved birds, photos
      • Family Tree. Calligraphy tree, Military shadow box, Askren pictures
      • Pan Am Games. Amigo, soccer ball, poster of opening ceremony
      • Ice Cream Social. Ice cream, cupcakes, Choc-Ola. Andrea’s box.
    • What is next?
      • Concert – Russian Classics, Sept 10 Part of the Irvington Summer Music Series
      • Andrea Light exhibit Sept 28 –
      • Exhibits going up for Halloween:Pleasant Run Run – the Garry Petersen Collection;
        The Devil in the Circle City: a Mystery Unravels. Oct 7th
      • Halloween Festival Silent Auction, Oct  23
      • Halloween Festival Seance and Tarot Reading, Oct  24
      • IHS Holiday Fair, Nov 17 -18.

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