How to develop a workout around your favorite TV show

Love binge watching your favorite TV shows? Well, why not get in a quick workout at the same time?! Firefighter Tim shares how you can “tune in” while you “tone up!”

Get ready to burn calories while watching your favorite shows. This is a simple workout idea that incorporates your exercises with the show you are watching. How this workout works: first, use a television show you regularly watch and think about words, phrases, and or acts that happen regularly on that show. Got them, good? Now for 5 or 10 of those items attach an exercise and how many times you will do the exercises. For example, every time someone drinks coffee, do 10 push-ups. For our example workout, we will use Indy Style. Today, not only will Indy Style be a great start to your morning with segments including cooking, clothing, weather, fun laughs, and things to do around Indianapolis, but it will be your guide to your workout!!

Here’s the workout 

When you hear the theme song: 15 jumping jacks
When Tracy takes a drink from his mug: 15 squats
When the hosts say 15 push-ups
When the hosts say green room shot: 10 burpees
When ever Randy tells a bad joke: 12 lunges
Whenever the host thanks a guest: 20 mountain climbers
When ever they are in the kitchen: 15 tricep dips
When ever Tracy mentions producer Janine: 12 leg lifts

For added exercise add planks during commercial breaks. Feel free to mix and match different exercises, and feel free to add some dumbbells into the mix.

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