Greenfield police create registry of residents’ security cameras

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – Greenfield police are asking residents to register any home or business surveillance cameras with the department.

Greenfield Police Chief Jeff Rasche says the goal is to compile that information into a database for detectives.

Your home security footage could be key to solving a crime, and Chief Rasche says the registry will help connect those with footage to detectives investigating cases.

“The old saying, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ — it means a lot to us,” said Rasche. “This will be a very simple process. It is simply a name, telephone number and address.”

Residents can fill out the form online, letting investigators know that they have a camera and detailing what area the camera covers.

“Then if we have a crime in that area, we can look to see if there is anybody in that vicinity who we can contact, reach out to and say, ‘Hey we’ve had activity in your neighborhood. Can you look on your cameras and see if you can locate video that would be helpful to us?’” said Rasche.

He says this could help benefit people outside of Greenfield as well. Local footage is often shared with other departments.

“When we share those pictures, we are finding that we are all kind of looking for the same people at times. There has been some recent cases where we’ve connected cases from Greenfield to Carmel to Noblesville,” Rasche said.

He said so far, people seem eager to help. The department has already had more than 20 people sign up.

The registration program is voluntary, and the database will not be made public. Click here to fill out the form and sign up.

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