Indianapolis band to open for John Mayer in September

They’re set to take the stage next month just before John Mayer, and now the Jeremy Vogt Band is performing LIVE for us on Indy Style to give us a taste of what’s in store. Here’s more:

Jeremy Vogt Band opens for John Mayer

September 3, Klipsch Music Center, 5:30 p.m.

New album released in July (Rise of the Common Man)

  • In contrast to previous albums from the Jeremy Vogt Band, Rise of the Common Man seeks to deliver raw and organic tracks providing listeners with an authentic perspective of the music. There was a purpose: deliver stories of relatable shared human experiences and unforeseen transitions in life and love. These are songs of hardship and bittersweet reality tempered by the enlivening ballads of love and remembrance. Through Rise of the Common Man, the band rails against the soul-sucking corporate stranglehold and divisive landscape and directs us to take a stand. There is a rallying cry that gives us hope and motivation to get ourselves organized and find a way to fight the good fight no matter how down we may be.

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