Carmel City Council to discuss carousel, luxury hotel project

CARMEL. Ind. (WISH) — There’s a chance for people in Carmel to share their opinions about a controversial carousel project Monday night.

The Carmel City Council plans to discuss the carousel and several other projects that the city has planned at a cost of $76 million.

According to a press release last month from the City of Carmel, the carousel is coming from Centerville Island in Toronto, Canada. It has been there since 1966, but was built in 1907. According to the Toronto Star, it was sold for $3 million.

In the press release, the City of Carmel said it is one of only about 150 left in the world and that “it’s contribution to the city’s economic development strategy of creating a high quality of life for both residents and visitors is certain.”

But, not everyone agrees. More than 850 people have signed a petition against the carousel, saying that while a carousel might be nice, the city should find donors to fund it.

A luxury hotel is also mentioned in the petition. That luxury hotel is part of the $76 million spending plan and would be built at Carmel’s City Center.

There is also a petition circulating online in support of the carousel and hotel, saying that those projects are part of what make Carmel a tourist destination and a place people want to live and work.

The city says they will pay for the projects by issuing new revenue bonds and will not be raising local property taxes.

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