The most important Survival Skill – FIRE! How to make sure you can start it if you had to

You never know when you need to start a fire – SO – you want to always have the tools on you to do it.  Fire is the most important survival skill.  It can help regulate core body temperature, boil water, cook food, signal for rescue, make tools and it’s your best friend when you’re alone in the woods.  Disposable lighters are great BUT they don’t work when you need them the most – WHEN THEY’RE WET or IN EXTREME COLD.  I’ll show how to carry GUARANTEED FIRE on you all the time:

Survivalist Creek Stewart shows us hot to make sure you can start a fire if you had to:

1) Go to the pharmacy and buy a keychain pill container, cotton balls and petroleum jelly

2) Saturate the cotton balls in the petroleum jelly and put them inside the container and on your keyring.  This is the best (and cheapest) fire tinder on the planet!  Each one will burn 7-10 minutes.

3)  Go to a camping store and buy a ferro rod metal match.  They cast sparks in ANY condition and can easily ignite the petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls.

QUICK FIRE TIP!  Put guitar picks in your wallet – they are amazing fire tinder!  I ignite one and show how flammable they are!  They are made of celluloid and it’s extremely flammable.

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