Nearly a year later, father still seeks answers in double murder

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —¬†Phillip Ping clenched his jaw and let out a deep sigh.

His obvious vexation is connected to the unsolved murders of his daughter, Victoria Valdez, and her friend, Vincent Grant.

Their bodies were found in Valdez’s home, located in the 3500 block of Soaring Eagle Court, on September 22, 2016 in the afternoon.

According to Ping, the day of the murders, Valdez made breakfast and sent her kids off to school.

Grant arrived to the home moments later. The timeline becomes sketchy, but at some point another visitor stopped by.

The unknown guest is the one police believe pulled the trigger and killed Valdez and Grant.

Victoria Valdez was killed in September of 2016. (Provided Photo/Jimmy McMillian)

Later in the afternoon, a friend of one of Valdez’s children came by the house noticed the door was open and saw the bodies on the ground.

Since the murders, names and even possible motives have been floated, but not enough for police to make an arrest.

“Somebody knows who did this to my daughter,” said Ping. “Our plea is that someone would speak out against this evil in our community.”

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department even featured the case online through a CrimeStoppers ad, but that clip has yet to generate a possible suspect.

Late last month, the case took another blow when IMPD Deputy Chief Jim Waters died in a car accident.

Ping credited Waters for showing compassion and keeping the family abreast on any possible developments with the investigation.

When Ping heard about Waters he felt devastated. Ping credited IMPD for pursing justice, but admitted police will need help in solving the case.

“Police can’t see everything and be everywhere. We are dependent on people doing the right thing,” said Ping.

Vincent Grant was found dead along with Valdez. (Provided Photo/Grant Family)

Ping glowed every time he mentioned his daughter’s name. He described Valdez as a hard worker who had her own tree stump removal company.

Grant’s family previously described the 31-year-old as an entrepreneur and someone who loved his family.

“You took an amazing man, you took an awesome young dude, you took my momma’s baby,” said George Qualls, Grant’s brother.

Despite no suspect, Ping believes his daughter knew her killer.

At this time, IMPD has no new details to share in the investigation. If you have any information call Crimes Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS (8477).

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