60+ warrants served in Johnson County drug sweep

Investigators announce a drug sweep that resulted in more than 60 arrest warrants being issued. (WISH Photo)
FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) — Detectives in Johnson County said they arrested at least 50 drug dealers after searching for 63 in a massive roundup.
Police said the majority of the arrests happened Wednesday morning.
During a months-long investigation, officers said they caught the suspects selling drugs, including meth, marijuana and heroin. All but 18 of the 63 suspects had a Johnson County address listed for their last known address. Many of the other suspects are from Bartholomew and Marion counties.
Investigators were still looking for more than a dozen suspects Wednesday evening, including Tyler Smith and Julianne Romero. Smith is is suspected of selling marijuana and Romero is suspected of selling meth.
Prosecutor Brad Cooper said the last known addresses of both Smith and Romero are at Countryview Mobile Home Community.
“It’s a darn shame,” Albert Richie said. Richie has lived in the community for years. “Living in a community like this where there’s children, there shouldn’t be any drug users but I know there (are.)”
“We want the drug dealers off the streets,” Cooper said. “We want to send a message to any drug dealer from anywhere else to stay the hell out of Johnson County. We don’t want you here.”
Cooper said undercover officers made drug deals with suspects.
Police also arrested four people during the roundup who were not on their suspect list. Detectives said they either found drugs on those people or they had outstanding warrants.
 Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox said the jail staff has been preparing for about a month for the influx of inmates. He said the jail is already crowded and the roundup will put the jail well over capacity, but the jail population will not deter detectives from arresting criminals.