Indianapolis streetlights to use LED technology

An Indianapolis Power & Light Co. streetlight is examined.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mayor Joe Hogsett and Indianapolis Power and Light Co. announced Wednesday that more than 27,000 city streetlights will be converted to LED technology beginning in 2018.

The announcement to convert light-emitting diode technology is part of Operation Night Light, which started in June 2016 as an effort to brighten streets and make Indianapolis neighborhoods safer. Before Operation Night Light, new city streetlights had not been installed in 35 years. Since the start of the project, 100 streetlights have been installed across the city.

“Our city will join the cutting edge of new street light technology, reducing our carbon footprint and improving our public safety efforts by investing those tax dollar savings into thousands of new lights on long-darkened streets,” Hogsett said in a statement.

The money saved will be used to add 4,000 new lights, with the majority being installed over the next three years. IPL has also funded a study of residential lighting to gather community feedback and help with future planning.

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