Indy group organizes block party to curb violence

A group called "NO BOBS" -- or No Black on Black Slayings -- held a family festival Sept. 2, 2017, in the 300 block of West 32nd Street. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Saturday was a fun-filled block part in northwest Indianapolis, but it had an important message to Hoosiers young and old: a path forward without violence.

A group called No BOBS, or no black on black slayings, put it together. Its mission is empower the community to cut down on crime.

Organizers said they’ve noticed too many violent crimes in the city. To be clear the group is against all crime but they say they’ve seen a particular issue with what they call black on black crime.

So to try to help the group organized a block party on the on West 32nd Street. It’s the first time they’ve it.

Several organizations and community activists took part, including hiring agencies, grief counselors and health experts.

Organizer Derek Morris said while the block party is over the work just beginning on West 32nd Street. Now, it’s about maintaining a safe community.

“No BOBS wants to create what’s called the no BOBS zone,” he said. “So this is the area that I live in and the no BOBS zone is from 32nd and Boulevard to 32nd and Martin Luther King (streets). That is the no BOBS zone.”

Morris said he hopes to have a festival every three months in different areas of the city.