4 Things to Prep your Home for Winter

Don’t wait until the weather starts turning cold to prepare for the months ahead. Jeff Hostetter, of JD Hostetter, shares four tips to prep your home for winter… right now!

  1. Gutter Covers-  Don’t wait until the leaves start falling to clean out your gutters.  Most people procrastinate and by the time they get around to it, their gutters are overflowing causing damage to their roof, soffit and trim boards, paint, etc.  Gutter RX covers are a viable solution. Most people clean gutters once or twice a year but with the thunderstorms we receive, you should consider cleaning them at three times a year.
  2. Exterior Painting- If your home needs painting, there is still time.  The weather forecast for this winter is calling for a much different winter that we had last year and if you have peeling paint, your wood will be exposed and then you might have to replace more boards, which will increase the cost of the normal painting price.
  3. Trim landscaping- Trees, bushes and flowers are beautiful but when they grow against your siding or roof, they allow for moisture to cause rotting and damage.  Also, squirrels and other animals have access to get up on your roof and chew through boards.  Again, this will be added expenses due to the necessary repairs.
  4. Insulated Siding/Energy Star Windows- Usually our winters are pretty rough and if you feel draftiness or if your interior walls are cold during the winter, it might be due to the insulation in your home.  The technology of today’s windows and siding is amazing and can save you money on your energy bills.

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