Man held at gunpoint in Westfield home robbery; 3 arrested

Provided booking photos show from left, Jordan Bright, Dominique Dunn, and Lajohn Wilson Jr.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A Westfield man said he was held at gunpoint in his own home.

Now three men are facing burglary, robbery and confinement charges.

It happened around 3 p.m. Monday at a home on English Green Drive.

People who live in the area told 24-Hour News 8 they are glad police made arrests in this case, but they’re still shocked it even happened in the first place.

A sense of security has been rocked in this quiet Westfield neighborhood.

“You think you live in a very safe community and you always want to protect your children and then, when you hear about something like this, it’s just very unsettling,” said Rachel Seewald, a neighbor.

It all started with a knock on the door. Police said three men, went up to a home complaining of car trouble. When the man inside opened the door for them, police said the three forced their way in and held the man at gunpoint.

The three have been identified by police as Jordan Bright, Dominique Dunn and Lajohn Wilson Jr.

“It is very unnerving to know that something that close and that violent happened in our neighborhood,” Seewald said.

According to court documents, home surveillance video showed the men gathering electronics and other items before leaving. At one point, the men even forced the homeowner to help gather items for them to take.

As it turns out, one of those items is exactly what led police to them. Detectives used the victim’s iCloud account and tracked the location of his stolen cellphone.

Detectives then initiated a traffic stop with Fishers Police Department and arrested the three in a traffic stop. According to court documents, stolen electronics and loaded guns were found in their car. That car had also been reported as stolen in an unrelated case.

“For Westfield being known as a safe area, for the most part, most of us are pretty diligent on locking the doors and things of that sort, but it really brings it to your attention,” said Jen Eckart, another neighbor.

Police have not said if they believe this crime was random or targeted, but those living in the area said it serves as a good reminder to always be cautious.

“We’ve got a security system, but we will continue to be very aware of our surroundings and, you know, always look out for our neighbors and again just be very vigilant,” Seewald said.

According to court documents, after being arrested Wilson apologized to police for his actions. He told a detective he could not get a job because of a battery conviction and back child support.

Bright told police the victim in the home had a gun as well. He said the incident was not a robbery.

Bright, Wilson and Dunn have all been charged with burglary, armed robbery, criminal confinement, theft, pointing a firearm and auto theft.