You can get a Colts ticket for less than $10

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Tickets to Sunday’s Colts home opener are selling for less than $10 online. The low price is good news for fans and bad news for some vendors.

Mike Peduto of Circle City Tickets said Colts ticket demand is the lowest it’s been since 2011, when the Colts limped to a 2-14 finish without Peyton Manning.

He blames the low demand on a lack of interest in a team without their star player, coming off a week one blowout loss. Peduto is hoping an Andrew Luck comeback will spark new interest.

“The demand is not nearly as good as it was obviously a week ago,” Peduto said. “If the Colts keep losing, ticket sales will probably keep getting harder and prices will keep dropping.”

Upper-level tickets on dropped to $9 Thursday. They’re selling for $10 on StubHub and $11 on Seat Geek.

“Holy moly,” Colts fan Heather Tilton said. “That’s very cheap.”

“I guess we’re going to the game,” Colts fan Sarah Taylor said. “Shoot.”

Prices are even cheap enough to get a Cowboys fan, Bader Alshamerri, into the “House that Manning Built.”

“I mean, nine bucks? That’s pretty worth it,” Alshamerri said.

Peduto said lower level tickets are going for about half to two-thirds of the face value.

He said there are still a few home games in high demand, including the 49ers game which will feature a tribute to Peyton Manning. Peduto said the Steelers and Broncos games are also hot tickets.