From Mother! To California Typewriter, we check out this week’s new movies

Headed to the theater this weekend? Tracy, Amber and Comedian Greg Hahn give us a few descriptions and tell us “what’s playing!”


Stars Jennnifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem and also features Ed Harris and Michelle Pfieffer.

The entertainment database website IMBD gives the plot summary as ‘a couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home disrupting their tranquil existence’ …but there is so much more going on here.

Peter Travers, the film critic for Rolling Stone Magazine wrote, “It will make your head explode.”

The uninvited guests escalate from annoying to dangerous and the biblical allegory and metaphors escalate from subtle to ‘mind blown.’

‘Mother’ is rated ‘R.’


“American Assassin”:

Next up is ‘American Assassin.’

In this film, Dylan O’Brien plays a man who has had some tragedy in his life that leads him to becoming a ‘black ops recruit.’ He’s trained by a cold war veteran played by Michael Keaton. Together, they have to stop some very bad dudes from detonating a nuclear device in an attempt to start a world war. One review wrote ‘American Assassin’ has plenty of ‘outrageous violence.’

It’s rated ‘R’.


“California Typewriter”

Finally, we have ‘California Typewriter,’ a documentary about… typewriters… specifically those who still love, use, and collect typewriters and may be a bit wistful for the the film. It features such type-ophiles as Tom Hanks, John Mayer, and the late great Sam Shepard, espousing the use, importance and salvation of typewriters. There are interviews with the aforementioned famous and the not so famous but equally passionate writers, repair people, artists, even typewriter musicians who compose music with the clicks, dings, and zips that typewriters make.