Lafayette land trust takes snarky approach to littering

A sign used as part of an anti-littering campaign by NICHES Land Trust. (Provided Photo/WLFI)

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Lafayette-based NICHES Land Trust is working to combat a littering problem plaguing some of its properties.

And it’s taking a snarky approach, gathering attention from thousands.

“The culture of picking up is a little frayed in some locations here in America and the world, and we’re just trying to bring attention to it that we all have a role to play,” said Executive Director Gus Nyberg.

NICHES maintains 15 miles of open trails throughout all of its properties.

Nyberg said cleaning up after visitors has become an issue.

That’s when an anti-littering campaign began.

Last week, a sign was installed at the Peters Mill access site asking people why they litter – and it doesn’t hold back.

“It was a team effort among the staff, and this is the draft that made it through,” Nyberg said. “We won’t share some of the other ones that didn’t make it through.”

The campaign is aimed at making people think twice about their choices.

“If you find this sign offensive, then you’re probably part of the problem,” said Nyberg.

NICHES also posted a photo of the sign on social media. Since then, it’s been shared and viewed by thousands of people.

“Friends from Connecticut reached out to me,” Nyberg said. “Friends from up in Seattle – they’ve seen it shared. Portland Weird shared it, we’ve had people from all around the world, actually Thailand and Europe that have shared the post.”

Nyberg said next time you think about littering, don’t do it.

He said this won’t be the only sign to go up.

More will be installed in other areas as early as next week.