Products to help you stay mobile and enjoy fall activities

ENJOY AUTUMN!!!!  Because fall is really a four-letter-word! Today on Indy Style, AutoFarm Mobility’s Jim Kissling shares a personal journey of lack of mobility and the challenges it caused in his life. Jim says:

Mobility issues are apart of most of our lives and impact (directly or indirectly) every person at AutoFarm Mobility. For example, I have a neuromuscular disease, where I can do a lot of things, but my stopping point is much sooner than it should be. Allowing me to use  a tool can dramatically improve my quality of life, my safety, and frankly I am less grumpy. I am not defined by my mobility tools, I use a tool to make my life better. I am not lazy, lesser, or even challenged if I have the right tool.”

What do we mean by Mobility? Simply, we are a store that helps people with tools that allow them to get around safer, easier, and with less difficulty.

*        Enjoying Autumn means…

*        Festivals,

*        Covered Bridges,

*        Homecomings,

*        Trick or Treating,

*        Apple picking

*        Parks,

*        Leaf changing adventures


*            Today’s “tools”:

*            Scooters (compact)

*            Scooters Full Size

*            Power chairs

*            Mobility Vans both to buy or rent.  These vehicles make moving a wheelchair EASY!

*            Mobility Vehicles are available starting at $26,900 which with approved credit is just $399/mo with zero down.

*            Scooters start at just $699.

*            Vans and Scooters are also available for rent for 1 day, 1 week or even by the month!

*            Our best selling scooter the “Golden Buzz Around Extreme”

*            The Air Chair Jazzy that puts you at eye level with another person.

*            The EWheels EW1 the fastest folding scooter we could find.

*            The EWheels EW 72 a scooter that can go 40 miles on 1 charge and up to 20 miles per hour!

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