‘Double jeans,’ the latest fashion trend, will set you back $695

(Photo Courtesy/Natasha Zinko ShopBop.com_

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Say what?! The latest fashion trend to hit the market will cost you a pretty penny.

(Photo Courtesy/Natasha Zinko ShopBop.com_

These “double jeans” were created by the high-end London Fashion House brand Natasha Zinko.

But, the internet is not only freaking out over the impractical design — but also the outrageous price tag.

As you can see, the pants have an extra waistband attached to what is essentially just an average pair of jeans. And they can be all yours for a not-so-average price. A whopping $695 to be exact.

What’s even more, these jeans have just sold out on ShopBop.com. Yes, TONS of people have actually bought into this trendy new look.

Ah, so much for a great season of fall fashion.