Rite Way Pizza shop robbery caught on camera

Surveillance cameras capture video of a robbery about 11:30 p.m Sept. 18, 2017, at Riteway Pizza in Indianapolis near North Shortridge Road and East Washington Street. (Image Provided)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Surveillance cameras captured video of a robbery at a local pizza place.

It happened around 11:30 Monday night at Rite Way Pizza. That’s on the city’s east side near Shortridge Road and East Washington Street.

The owners at Rite Way Pizza say they have around a dozen security cameras pointing both in and outside of their building. Those cameras show exactly what happened.

In video obtained by the owners, you can see a man walk up to the front counter. Employees said he asked for change and then left. Shortly after that he came back in again, looked around and left.

Just minutes later, cameras show the suspect walking in a third time. This time he entered through a back door. He is seen waiting for an employee to move away from the cash register, before calmly walking over and taking money.

“He never came undone, never got frazzled, yelled, he said a couple words… you know, I’m taking this,” said Stephen May, co-owner of Rite Way Pizza.

May said he is proud of how his employees reacted and said that may have kept the robbery from escalating.

“She kept her cool, walked around, got the attention of the other employees, stayed away from him, and let him walk out,” said May.

May didn’t want this guy to get away with the crime.

“It is a whole family affair. This is people’s livelihoods and it sucks to have somebody just take,” said May.

After speaking with police, May took footage of the robbery, posted it on social media, and then showed it to other nearby businesses that were also open late.

He said someone spotted the guy a short time later because of a distinctive flag shirt he was wearing, and called police.

“In long run the guy got caught. We got most of our money, well, some of our money back and you know we learned from it,” said May.

The owners plan to make additional security upgrades after this robbery.

Charging documents for the man arrested have not yet been released.