Pagano, Colts ignore underdog talk vs. Browns

(WISH Photo/Jason Thompson)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano continued playing defense Wednesday on Andrew Luck.

“You know as much as we know,” Pagano said. “As God is my witness, when he drops out there and he trots out there – God is my witness.”

Chuck Pagano swears even the heavens don’t know what the deal is with Luck. Back on Earth, the football gods are equally confused. The Cleveland Browns are favored on the road for the first time in nearly three years.

“That’s probably the last thing on anyone’s mind,” Pagano said. “It wasn’t one of the bullet points in team meeting.”

“There is no moping around with your head down, we aren’t walking around like that, it’s just not the case,” defensive tackle Al Woods said. “Everyone in here is walking with confidence ready to get their job done.”

The Colts claim they don’t care about the experts in the desert. The defense’s sole focus is making sure Browns rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer doesn’t feel like he is back at Notre Dame.

“They’re a much better team than their past records have said. I think they have got a good young team with a lot of talent,” Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri said. “They’ve got a bunch of high draft choices on their team over the last handful of years and a lot of good specialists too.”

At least the Jacoby Brissett fire drill is over. Pagano said Wednesday the offense will be able to take more chances on Sunday in Brissett’s second career start as a Colt. The 23-year-old quarterback made it clear Wednesday, he’s buried the backbreaking interception vs. Arizona.

“You have watch the film and be a man about it because you know other teams are going to do the same thing,” Brissett said. “I have to learn from it and learn to attack it.”

The backs of the luckless underdogs are against the wall. We’ll see if Brissett can bring them back to life against the Browns.