Thief returns stolen mannequin, along with $200 and bizarre note

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KRON) — The mannequin that was stolen from a Pleasanton boutique clothing store last week was returned, the store owner says.

The thieves left a bizarre note along with $200 when they took the mannequin from KJCOUTURE on Main Street after the business closed for the night on Sept. 13.

KJCOUTURE’s owner Kim Gapol tells KRON4 she found the mannequin outside the store Tuesday morning with a note that said, “Don’t worry Hollywood was a perfect gentleman.”

The mannequin was also wearing a different shirt than the one it had one when it was stolen.

The owner called the police and she’s now working on installing surveillance cameras outside the store.

When the mannequin was stolen last week, the thief left an apology note saying, “Sorry for stealing your statue she needed a better home. You should consider better security. Love Hollywood.”

Nothing else was stolen from the store.

The note seems to be a reference to the 1980’s movie “Mannequin”.