Monday Mailbag: Funky and “Funktional” Fashion

So fun! Check out today’s Monday Mailbag, fit with funky, yet fun and “funktional” products, too!

From neutrals to florals, Dazi offers ties, bow ties and pocket squares that will make girls’ head turn! Add some personality to your wardrobe with DAZI’s high-quality skinny ties with many marvelously distinctive designs, styles, and colors that effortlessly match any outfit or suit — at an affordable price! All DAZI ties are handmade from high-quality imported fabrics. Each tie is approx. 2.5″ wide at the tip and 58″ in length, which is perfect for every height; they fit perfectly on even the tallest of guys! Each tie is lined on the inside with a fun, unique fabric to add character and quality.

Add a hipster flare to your fall wardrobe with ATN Compression Socks. Not only do these knee high socks come in tons of patterns, styles and prints but they’re also medical grade compression socks which can manage pain, decrease muscle soreness, and minimize the risk of developing blood clots (DVT) in the lower legs. From Jungle Tiger  to Fleur-de-lys these unique socks are clinically effective, comfy and the ultimate stylish solution to soothe your legs and feet on long days!

Funktional Wearables:

Show your patriotism and dress up your fitness tracker with Funktional Wearables.  Transform any type of fitness tracker with chic, colorful designs from Funktional Wearables. With this gorgeous gear wrapped around your wrist, you’ll always look amazing; from crushing the competition on your morning run, to all through the workweek and weekend.  Funktional Wearables leads the way in protecting and enhancing almost any type of fitness tracker with a splash of style.


Firefighters are our American heroes, whether they’re putting out fires, on a rescue mission or helping out in the community. They are dedicated to protecting the public. FFTOB- The Original Firefighter Turnout Bags®– turns fire gear into fashion. The super-durable purses, backpacks, totes and duffel bags are made out of recycled firefighter turnout coats and pants.