Carroll County deputy resigns after being accused of trying to solicit couple for sex

(Provided Photo/Carroll County Sheriff's Office)

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — A Carroll County sheriff’s deputy formally submitted his resignation today.

Deputy Jason Dunning is facing charges for allegedly trying to solicit a couple for sex.

According to Sheriff Tobe Leazenby, Deputy Jason Dunning was charged with making an unlawful proposition.

WLFI in West Lafayette caught up with some people around Delphi earlier and asked them how they feel about the situation.

Delphi resident Jacob Farr said, “It’s kind of disturbing coming from somebody that’s supposed to uphold the law and do the right things in this community.”

Carol Juriga said, “He doesn’t need to be working for the public or for anybody else.”

Leazenby says the allegations against Deputy Jason Dunning initially surfaced at the end of August.

“The matter was turned over to the Indiana State Police for investigation and they filed that report initially with the Carroll County Prosecutor’s Office,” said Leazenby.

Leazenby then placed Dunning on administrative leave, leading up to his resignation on Monday.

Residents said there shouldn’t be any special treatment with this case.

“If it’s something that’s breaking the law, he should be punished as well as a regular citizen would be punished. I don’t think that just because he’s an officer that he could just get cut loose,” said Farr.

“Of course you have to let justice take its place, but he needs to be behind bars if that’s what really happened,” said Juriga.

Leazenby says despite the “black eye” this has given the department, they will continue giving the utmost professionalism.

“As I always like to do we pick up and move forward from here,” said Leazenby.

Leazenby says Dunning was off-duty at the time. The case has been turned over to a special prosecutor in Clinton County and will be handled just like any other civilian case.