Johnson County Sheriff’s Office investigating rash of car break-ins

(WISH Photo)

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – A rash of car break-ins has some people in Johnson County taking extra security precautions around their home. According to Sheriff Joe Cox in Johnson County, deputies have been called out to White River Township for car break-ins three times in the last week.

More than five break-ins happened Sunday morning alone. People woke up to find things like electronics, tools, lawn equipment and even a gun missing from their cars.

Both locked and unlocked cars were targeted.

“It is not a good feeling that somebody is going on your property and just do what they want to do,” said John Springman, a Johnson County resident.

Springman said his car was rummaged through, but nothing was taken. He said he doesn’t leave anything of value inside his car. His home was broken into years ago, so now he is extra cautious with valuables.

Others weren’t as lucky.

“Everything in the console was taken out, all of the little compartments where you keep things… they were all dumped out. The glove compartment was a mess,” said Leeann Robertson, another victim.

She reported valuables missing from her car.

“It definitely makes us feel unsafe. We are going to get cameras installed,” said Robertson.

Both victims said one of the worst parts about this crime is the sense of security they can’t get back.

“The fact that it was just so many people right here on our little street, and right there and right there… I don’t know, it is just really uneasy,” said Robertson.

“I’m apprehensive, you know. If I have to leave or whatever, until I come home first thing I look, did somebody break in? It is not a good feeling,” said Springman.

The sheriff is asking people to park their cars in the garage if possible. He is reminding residents to never leave valuables in their car unattended.