Vigil held for victims of domestic violence

(WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A ceremony was held Tuesday evening for victims of domestic violence who lost their lives.

According to the Domestic Violence Network, which sponsors the event, in the past year at least 29 people have died in Indiana because of domestic violence. Five of those deaths were in central Indiana.

October is domestic violence awareness month and each year a commemoration ceremony is held for survivors of domestic violence and those who have lost their lives as well.

“I think that the stigma is getting better on domestic violence but there is still definitely a stigma there,” said Kelly McBride of the Domestic Violence Network. “A lot of victims still don’t want to come forward and tell their stories. And that’s another reason to hold this commemoration as well, is to have the victims be able to come out, take the stigma off of them and place the accountability on the abuser.”

This was the 27th annual commemoration ceremony.