How to master the art of mixing patterns

Get out of your decorating rut and MIX THINGS UP!

Danielle Myers, ASID, RID, Proprietor, Elle Designs, says that when you enter a space, you want your eye to dance around the room, and not be drawn to one dominant detail.

When all of the details are collectively working together you have created a well-balanced, inviting space. When tackling a design for any room, think of how you can layer the design through textures, colors, and lighting on all surfaces.”

There are many opportunities to introduce these elements into a design:

Mix Patterns: Window Coverings (Cornice Boards and Panels) with a Nail Head for detail

Mix Fabrics: Furniture (Base Cloth, Accent Pillows, Cushions)

Mix Colors: Neutralize the most costly elements of the room, such as flooring, or a main piece of furniture. Add the color with items that could be easily changed, an area rug or pillow.

Add Personal Details: A memento from a travel adventure, take a photograph and blow it up into a decal to be used as wall covering or an artwork element

Mix Textures: Glass Beaded Wallcovering, Decorative Tile, Woven Shades, Wood Doors/Moldings

Mix Lighting: Have lighting on all levels of the space. Select an eye-popping ceiling fixture, paired with a recessed can light to allow for overall lighting of a space. Use wall sconces framed with molding and apply wall covering or an accent color of paint within thus creating artwork, and providing a functional light. Add table lamps, and/or floor lamps to bring the light down to your level.

Think of all of the surfaces you have the opportunity to create on: Ceiling, Walls, Floor.

Often forgotten about, the ceiling. This is a surface that offers an opportunity for color, textured wall covering, painted moldings, and attractive lighting.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Often you want to hop on the current trend, or the norm, but why not paint your interior doors something besides white, install a chandelier in your walk-in-closet, but wall covering in your pantry, and the list goes on and on. Be the home that visitors want to copy!

Don’t forget to make it yours, everyone desires a different look but are aiming for the same goal: A space for their lives to unfold!