We Try It: Snap Basket, Utility Crate, Orthopedic Pet Bed

They are… “things that hold things.” Check out today’s “We Try It” segment!

Clevermade Snap Basket, www.clevermade.com

Introducing a space-saving solution for everyday life: CleverMade! Save some valuable space with collapsible and durable crates and baskets! Whether you use them for trips, home, shopping, or simple chores around the house – CleverMade has you covered.

Learn how you can help save space in your home – or car – with the practical, durable products from CleverMade:

SnapBaskets, CleverCrates, LaundryCaddy, SnapBasket Coolers, etc…

Clevermade Utility Crate, www.clevermade.com

  • Rugged, all-purpose, utility crate
  • Great for hauling 88 lbs of tools, gear and sporting equipment
  • Store in your trunk for wholesale club shopping trips
  • Designed for exceptional durability. Once open, the crate locks into position making it ideal for stacking or on-the-go transport
  • CleverCrates fold flat when not in use and nest together making them a super space-saver

Snappy Snoozer Orthopedic Pet bed, https://www.snappysnoozers.com

Welcoming your new family member into their forever home can be overwhelming and scary. An easy way to give comfort and minimize stress is to provide a soft, orthopedic bed for your new friend to rest on. Snappy Snoozers inflatable, waterproof beds are fantastic for big and small pets alike and are a breeze to clean (just snap off that cover and toss in the wash). Don’t treat animals as animals. Treat them as living being. That’s what they are, and a good bed is what they deserve!

Light and easy to move around the home where your furry friend likes to rest

Easy to take on the road — can be inflated and deflated — for your four-pawed companion

Cleaning is a SNAP with snap-able and washable quilts — no zippers and sheets slide off easily

Won’t harbor fleas, ticks or odors