Central Indiana sisters preparing for 54th Garth Brooks concert together

Photo of two central Indiana sisters who have attended more than 50 Garth Brooks concerts together. (Provided Photo/Jody Williams)

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) – The best part of a picture is usually the story behind it.

“This was from the very first night of the tour, this sign had been around for years and he saw it, which was exciting,” said Jody Williams, about the picture in front of her.

There are many pictures and many stories to go with the 50 Garth Brooks shows sisters Jody Williams and Dawn Dawson have been to together.

“I think Dawn put it really well. if someone asks her if she collects things, she collects Garth’s concerts,” said Jody.

Jody first saw Garth at the Indiana State Fair in 1992.

“At the end, I knew that he would come out for an encore and when he left the stage people started to leave and I went up to the stage to get a closer look and he came right back out, so I was right there and I kind of got crushed against the stage but he grabbed my hand. He was just randomly grabbing people and for me that was just unreal,” she said.

Dawn’s first show was Garth’s last in Indy in 1996, the only one she’s been to without Jody.

“Jody will have to leave the room because it’s the one we can’t talk about,” Dawn said jokingly.

But they do chat about the times they’ve talked to Garth. Jody’s first time was in 2004.

“I was so nervous that we talked to him for just a second. He signed a baseball for me, he asked if we’d like to take a picture and we did and we thanked him and I walked away and we got all the way to the car and I realized he was still talking and I just walked away and left,” said Jody.

There was a time Dawn was a little nervous, too.

“She couldn’t even get out of her own vehicle. She was freaked out,” Jody said.

“I was sitting in the vehicle watching the two of them run towards each other like in a romance novel Garth’s got his arms out, they hug, they’re talking,” added Dawn.

“I turned around to introduce her and she’s just in the car,” Jody said.

It’s a car they’ve driven to many places seeing the man responsible for all of the pictures and stories.

Jody and Dawn stopped by Daybreak Friday morning to share more of their Garth stories. Watch the full interview in the video above.