Monday Mailbag: Head-to-Toe Products

We’re taking a peek inside our mailbag this Monday with goodies for your skin, hair and feet. Take a look!

  1. Skin Refresher: Decleor – Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist
    • Ideal for all skin types and age categories, it instantly awaken a tired complexion
    • Leaves your complexion looking fresh, illuminated and energized
    • Perfect for long, hot summer days when your makeup needs an instant refresh!
  1. Beach Hair Maintenance: It’s A 10 – Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin
    • Travel-sized leave-in product that’s perfect for effortless detangling on-the-go!
    • Can be used on wet hair for extra shine or dry hair in place of a styling cream
    • Protects against heat, restores hydration balance, detangles, defrizzes and adds shine
  1. Waterproof Ballet Flats,

BUILT TO LAST  As an American made shoe, we take pride in creating a shoe that is durable.  Each shoe is made with a strong, patented plastic blend that is machine washable and dishwasher safe.

CLOSED-LOOP RECYCLING  The majority of shoes sold in the United States aren’t recyclable, and most that claim to be are really just shoe redistribution programs. At Oka-B, we believe in closed-loop recycling to reduce the use of virgin material and to keep old shoes from becoming environmental waste. The average pair of Oka-B sandals made this year contain 15-25% recycled material.

If you return your well-loved and worn Oka-B shoes to our factory, we will recycle them. Shoes that are free from contamination are recycled for use in new Oka-B products. Shoes with contaminants are processed and recycled for use in non-apparel goods.

Mail us your shoes and we’ll email you back a 15% off promo code as a thank you from us and the planet.

Located in Buford, Georgia, our factory allows easy distribution throughout the United States. This drastically reduces our carbon footprint since our shoes travel 93% less than the average imported shoe.